Bill is an amazing teacher!  Both my son and I take lessons from him and both of us were interested in learning very different styles.  My son is into shredding and I just wanted to learn to strum and sing.  Bill can teach you to play any style you want to learn.  He has amazing patience, never makes you feel stupid and is always encouraging.  I have gone from being super awkward and taking forever to feel comfortable with a chord to playing in a band!  He is an amazing musician, super professional and just an all around good person as well.  I have also gone through phases of wanting to learn to write songs and he has been wonderful in walking me through that process as well as teaching me how to record what I write.  I highly recommend Bill for both adults and kids, beginner to advanced. He is amazing!

Meredith G.

Amazing teacher. He is very patient with me, very knowledgeable and has great ways to teach me. He has tons of experience. I highly recommend him!

Shannon A.

I have been taken guitar lessons from Bill for four years. It has been an amazing journey. He continues to take me to greater heights in playing and I look forward to my weekly lessons. Besides being a true master guitar player, what separates Bill from many other teachers is the work, energy, resources and structure that he has put into his teaching program. Bill is by far the most effective guitar teacher I have taken lessons from and I highly recommend him to anyone; whether beginner or advanced.

Joe O.

I have been taking lessons from Bill since the beginning of this year, and it has been a great experience. The first thing that I noticed was how organized his teaching was conducted, very different than I was used to. His ability as a teacher has impressed me , the lesson time flies by because he makes it so easy to understand. I highly recommend Bill.

Kevin S.

I’ve been going to Bill for over two years and I highly recommend him. Bill is very well versed in many different styles and breaks down songs that are easy to learn.

I had friends and family use Bill and they have all been very happy with his professionalism. If you want to start Guitar or get better Bill is the best in Sonoma county.

Mike R.

Bill Decker’s knowledge of music theory, his ability to effectively teach the techniques of any style of guitar playing and his patience in doing so make him an excellent choice to be your guitar teacher. There have been times when I have spent my lesson time just talking with Bill about music. Give Bill a call.

Jim H.

Bill is the consummate guitar teacher. There is not style that he cannot play and play well from blues to rock, from Hendrix to Bloomfield, Bill can teach you what you want to learn and need to learn to become a fine guitarist. He can teach you to play a song or like me, he can take you from just a guy playing chords to a real musician who knows scales and how to use them. Honestly, my playing is beyond what I ever thought possible.

Peter S.

Simply put, Bill is THE best. He’s a great teacher who knows how to connect with students. I was looking for guitar lessons for my oldest son as well as for myself. After calling around and talking with many teachers, and taking lessons from a few unfortunates, a friend of mine, who had taken lessons with Bill Decker, highly recommended him.
I gave Bill a try and was blown away. While Bill is an amazing guitarist, what impressed me most, was his ability to teach in ANY style, or genre, of music, AND, at ANY level! The lessons were well structured and customized for each of our individual skill levels. My son, was 12 when he started, and I was 40, and we have both made significant strides as guitarists.
In my opinion, novice, adept or professional – you can all

Greg B.